Chicken Souvlaki: A Simply Delicious Recreation of the Classic Greek Meal


Chicken SouvlakiWhenever we eat at Greek restaurants I like to order the Chicken Souvlaki. It is so tasty and refreshing without being heavy. The key, of course, is the delicious tzatziki sauce. It is an amazingly flavorful dressing of cool Greek yogurt, sour cream, cucumbers, garlic and dill. The other day I decided to attempt to make my own version of Souvlaki at home. I have never done it before and opted to buy my tzatziki sauce, lest I make the whole dish and screw up the most important part! To prepare our dinner I grilled some chicken, warmed up fresh pita and tossed together with romaine lettuce and halved grape tomatoes. I then drizzled it all with sauce and served it up. It was a great dinner that hit the spot and, based on the reception at our dinner table, I’ll be making again soon.

Simple Chicken Souvlaki

Pita Bread, warmed

1 large heart of romaine, roughly chopped

1 pint grape tomatoes

2 grilled chicken breasts

Tzatziki sauce

1. Chopped the lettuce, tomatoes and chicken into even sized pieces and toss in a large bowl. Spread it on top of the pita and drizzle the tzatziki sauce on top.