Chocolate Chip Cherry Muffins


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Photo Credit: Budget Gourmet Mom

Would these be considered Breakfast or Dessert? I say that’s completely up to you! These little beauties could go either way in my book. They’re compliments of my friend Krista who is lucky enough to have a neighbor with a cherry tree. I can not tell you how envious I am of that. I’m a sucker for all things cherry. I happen to have a few dark sweet cherries left in my fridge and I’ll be making a batch of these with it. I can already smell them already. Chocolate and cherries are just made to go together. In a muffin. Stat.

Ready to make some? Of course you are, grab your chocolate chips and cherries and pop on over to Krista’s blog for her DARK CHOCOLATE CHIP CHERRY MUFFINS recipe.

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