Chocolate-Milk & Honey Bites


chocolate milk and honey ballsTrick or treat?

This chocolaty version of childhood classic Milk-and-Honey Balls has got you covered either way.

Made only with honey, peanut butter and vitamin-enriched Ovaltine, these bites treat you to a healthy candy alternative, while tricking you into thinking you’re eating peanut butter cups.

Seriously. These taste just like peanut butter cups.

I even share these (in small quantity) with my littlest trick-or-treater who’s way too young to sink his chompers into real candy. Any child eating finger foods and peanut butter can nibble on these to get in the spirit.

These bonbons are so good, I challenge you to make them and not keep them in rotation all year.

Chocolate Milk & Honey Bonbons
makes 2 dozen

¼ cup honey or agave syrup
½ cup peanut butter
1 cup Ovaltine

1. Mix honey, peanut butter and Ovaltine in a bowl. Knead until ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

2. Roll teaspoon size balls in your palms until smooth and shiny. Store on wax-paper covered cookie sheets in fridge.

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