Chocolate Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches


Looking for a simple, delicious alternative to pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving? Try cool and creamy pumpkin ice cream sandwiches – a dessert you can make in advance and keep stashed in the freezer, then serve individually, pleasing kids and grown-ups alike. We decided to take our favorite summer dessert at our favorite summer eatery and recreate it for holiday festivities – ice cream sandwiches are perfect for large groups or parties: wrap them in a festive napkin and the kids can even take them to go – what more could you ask for at the end of a holiday meal?

Ice cream sandwiches are so simple, you don’t really need a recipe. Start with your favourite chocolate or gingersnap cookie recipe – I like using these gluten-free chocolate puddle cookies or these chewy ginger molasses crinkles.

Bake them in whatever size you’d like your finished sandwiches to be, making sure they’re fairly uniform in size, so that they sandwich evenly. Cool them completely,

If you really want to start from scratch, make a batch of pumpkin pie ice cream. Otherwise, stir a big spoonful of pumpkin puree and a shake of pumpkin pie spice into some softened vanilla ice cream, then spread on the bottoms of half the cookies, sandwiching them with a second cookie. If you like, roll the edges in crushed walnuts or pecans. Wrap individually and freeze until solid, or until you want to serve them.

Happy Thanksgiving!