Chocolates for Mother's Day


Nudo Chocolates

I love flowers just as much as the next girl but to be honest I’d rather have chocolate {or my house cleaned but that’s another story ; ) } for Mother’s Day. Some of the most unique and delicious chocolates I’ve tasted lately are from a company called Nudo. Their Handmade Italian Olive Oil Chocolates come in a beautiful box filled with dark chocolate truffles with ganache filling in three different flavors: mandarin, lemon and chili oil.I was fortunate enough to be sent a small box for sampling and took to the lemon flavor immediately. It was bright, fresh and luscious.
The mandarin {orange} flavor is lovely and the peperoncino {that’s spicy red chili pepper} carries a kick! I am quite smitten with these chocolates and think you will be too!

You can find more information on Nudo Chocolates HERE

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of chocolates for review/sampling. My opinions are my own, always have been. Always will be.

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