Classy Mediterranean Deviled Eggs for New Year's Eve


deviled eggsDeviled eggs are a classic, American comfort food. These deviled eggs are a classy, Mediterranean party food.

There are many ways that you can dress deviled eggs up. My favorite is inspired by the deviled eggs with tuna and black olives served at Chef Ana Sortun’s Boston restaurant, Oleana. I’ve never seen Chef Sortun’s recipe, but have approximated their flavor with my own recipe. And with creme fraiche and Italian tuna packed in oil, these eggs are a perfect bite to accompany a champagne (or prosecco) toast on New Year’s Eve, whether you’re with your grown-up friends or the kiddos.

My recipe is very low key. Start with perfectly hard boiled eggs. Then, mix the following to the taste and texture of your preference:

* hard boiled egg yolks
* creme fraiche and low fat mayo (I like 60/40 combo, but you can adjust to your liking keeping in mind that creme fraiche will lend tang)
* either chopped gherkins or black olives (I prefer gherkins but, if you go with olives skip the canned kind.)
* Italian tuna packed in oil
* salt and pepper

If you prefer a smooth filling, pulse the filling in a food processor. Otherwise, a fine dice should work well.

Photo: istockphoto/budgaugh