Coca Cola Recipes: It's not just for drinking!


Coca Cola Recipes! That’s right, it’s not just for drinking!

I am a coca cola girl! Give me a COKE over the competitors drink any day of the week ; ) But I must admit other than a mention of a Coca Cola Cake, I hadn’t really thought about using it to cook with. After some quick googling, I found out that the Coca Cola company has been around for over 120 years and during that time some scrumptious dishes have been whipped up using Coca Cola, and Coke products. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have a wide variety of recipes on their site. Some of which were developed by The Culinary Institute of America specifically for Coca Cola. Others are submitted by loyal fans and readers!
One that caught my eye was for French Toast! Yes, BREAKFAST using Coca Cola, and guess what, it sounds delicious. You can take  a peek at the recipe for French Toast with Vanilla Syrup and Pecans {makes my Georgia heart skip a beat} and while you’re there, see what other tasty treats you can whip up with Coca Cola!

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