What's Your Cocktail Personality?


When I was younger and inexperienced, I would often wonder what judgments were cast upon me by bartenders as I ordered this drink or that. I didn’t start drinking until well after I was 21, so my initial basis for ordering drinks was whatever my friends were ordering, whether it be beer, wine or cocktails.

These days, however, I know what I like, as I’m sure you do. As we head into a long weekend, what do those cocktail choices say about you, anyway?

  • Margarita 1 of 4
    My neighbor loves her margaritas, which is no surprise since she knows how to vacation and do it well.
  • Mojito 2 of 4
    If you find yourself drawn to modern art galleries, chances are, you're also drawn to the mojito...or the other way around.
  • Mint Julep 3 of 4
    Mint Julep
    If you would have loved to live in generation's past, the mint julep could be your drink of choice.
  • Daquiri 4 of 4
    Sorority sisters like daquiris? So they say.

As Labor Day approaches, find out what your cocktail choices say about you.

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