Cocktail/Mocktail: Say Cheers with a Sparkling POMosa This Holiday!



This time of year is definitely a time for celebrating. And nothing screams celebration more than a festive bubbly drink … especially one everyone can enjoy!

This cocktail can easily be turned into a ‘mocktail’ for children, expecting mothers, or anyone who prefers a non-alcoholic beverage by just substituting sparkling white grape juice for champagne. And the best part of this drink recipe is that it’s just 3 ingredients! If you are having a get-together, set up a drink station on a large tray with your bottles of sparkling champagne or white grape juice set in wine coolers or large ice buckets, a small pitcher or carafe of your pomegranate juice, a pretty bowl full of sliced oranges, and festive cocktail napkins. Set out glass flutes for the adults and plastic ones for the kiddies … everyone will enjoy getting involved and playing ‘bartender.’

Cheers and enjoy the holiday season!


Prosecco or any dry Champagne (or sparkling white grape juice for non-alcoholic version)
POM Pomogranate Juice
Orange, sliced

Pour approximately 1/4 cup of POM juice into bottom of champagne flute. Top with champagne or sparkling white grape juice, then squeeze your orange and drop it into drink for garnish!

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