Cold Weather Food: Hearty and Healthy Kale, Tomato and White Bean Soup


From what I’m hearing from friends on social media this week (what did we do before Facebook, I have no idea!?)…it’s been cold. So cold that there seems to be lots of pictures of fluffy white stuff and the fun stuff that comes along with that fluffy white stuff floating around my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds. I am in awe of how everyone functions in such cold weather, considering that I am looking out my window right now at a sparkling blue (but very cold) pool with a perfectly clear sky and high of mid 70s today. It’s totally mind boggling. My Florida blood is thin, and I know this. I’m staying put.

So what does everyone do after coming in from a day in the snow?? I’m assuming warm up in front of a fire, quite possibly with a big bowl of hot soup? Well, if it’s soup you are looking for, then I’m here to help. This soup will warm you up instantly. It will fill you up too, and with lots of good stuff that your body will thank you for. I promise.

You can find the recipe for this hearty kale, white bean and tomato soup over on my blog Aggie’s Kitchen. Enjoy! (and stay warm!!)

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