College Bowl Matchups: The Ultimate List of Game Night Eats


Whether you’re a Husker or a Husky, a Spartan fan or Penn State die-hard, the preliminary list of college bowl matchups is out (with the full list cleared up by Sunday), and it’s time to start planning your schedule around the favorites.  Whether you’ll be watching the BCS National Championship game, the Holiday Bowl, Capital One Bowl, or some marathon mix of them all, you’re gonna want to have some darned good eats to feed your fellow fanatics.  Here is an exhaustive list of the best football eats this side of the Rose Bowl.

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs. Serve these suckers at your next football night and you might not be able to watch the game.  You’ll be fending your pals off of these incredibly addictive appetizers.

3-Ingredient Macaroni & Cheese. The easiest, creamiest mac & cheese ever. The end.

Potato Chip Scoops. The easiest appetizer ever.  Keeping everyone away long enough to steal a bite for yourself?  Now that’s the hard part.

Potato Nachos.  A non-traditional take on a game night classic, these potato nachos are easy to make and slightly healthier than the calorie-laden nachos you usually serve.

Chili-Lime Deviled Eggs. A touch of sour, a touch of spice.  The perfect combo to wow your game night guests.

Buffalo Shrimp. Tangy, messy, and so freakin’ good.  Everyone will  love this easy appetizer!

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