Comprehensive New Seafood Guide


In wake of the Gulf Oil Spill, people are wondering now more than ever where they can get safe, domestic seafood. Food & Water Watch’s new Smart Seafood Guide informs you away from unsafe imports and unsustainably produced products and towards local seafood.

The guide is an online tool for consumers searching for seafood based on taste or U.S. region of origin. In addition,

The guide is organized by taste (i.e. mild white fish, steak-like fish, etc.) to help you make substitutions for your favorites. The site also shares their ‘Dirty Dozen’
which are the common seafood choices nationwide that they give a thumbs down:
1. Atlantic cod
2. Atlantic Flatfish, e.g. Atlantic halibut, Flounders & Sole
3. Caviar, especially from beluga and other
wild-caught sturgeon
4. Chilean Seabass
5. Eel
6. Farmed Salmon, often called “Atlantic salmon.” Tip: don’t be fooled by “organic” salmon — it’s usually farmed internationally and not certified by U.S. standards
7. Imported Basa/Swai/Tra (Tip: these are often called “Catfish” – ask where it is from and check the country of origin labels.
8. Imported farmed shrimp
9. Imported king crab
10. Orange roughy
11. Sharks
12. Tunas, especially Atlantic Bluefin (Pacific albacore and Atlantic skipjack are exempted)

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