Cooking with Kids: Pizza Bar


Pizza BarWe talk a lot about getting kids in the kitchen here are Babble. My daughter is still very young so I often talk about how I get her little toddler hands involved with the food we eat. One of our newest favorite things in playing “Pizza Bar.” I roll out some individual size pizza doughs, spread on some sauce and set out bowls of toppings. She has a blast piling the pizzas high with cheese, vegetables, pepperoni  – you name it, she’s tried it. Of course, on occasion she overdoes it with the toppings and doesn’t want to eat her creation, but that is par for the course. Here is how you can set up a fun pizza bar with your kids at home:

1. Roll out homemade pizza dough into small circles, about 8 to 10 inches in diameter and place them on a baking sheet or pizza stone.

2. Place the baking sheet on the floor or a countertop where the kids can comfortably stand.

3. Set non-breakable bowls out with cheese, vegetables and all kinds of toppings. Guide the children in how to spread the toppings evenly.

4. Parent’s handle the oven, bake the pizzas and allow them to cool before eating.

Photo: Photo: iStockPhoto / katra

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