Cooks Illustated: One of Our Favorite Recipe Resources


classic-apple-pie3-300x2011A well known resource for home cooks, Cooks Illustrated is an excellent resource for recipes and equipment reviews. With a comprehensive website, a monthly magazine, a television show, and now, a radio show, Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen have you covered.

I rarely buy an important, or not-so-important, kitchen appliance or device without consulting their excellent product reviews. I have an online membership that allows me to search their entire online archives and also subscribe to the Cook’s Illustrated magazine, which I love. With, ahem, illustrated recipes, equipment reviews, and kitchen tips, it’s a fantastic resource. Whatever your kitchen needs, you’ll be glad to have Cook’s on your side.

In fact, we at the Family Kitchen turn to the venerable Cook’s Illustrated for some of our favorite recipes. Check out my Cook’s Illustrated-inspired pies or Stacie’s delicious better-than-the-box pancakes.

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