Creamy Chile Con Queso



Photo Credit: Kelly Jaggers – Evil

Queso. It’s a guilty pleasure that is either really, really (really) bad or completely irresistible. This recipe… is irresistible. In fact, I bet when you’re making this version you end up “tasting” half of the bubbling cheesy dip before you even serve it to your guests. It’s that good. And it’s made with real cheese, not the waxy bright orange processed “cheese food.”

I found this very simple and tasty variation on the sinful yet delicious website by Kelly Jaggers, Evil Shenanigans. When you’re in the mood for something completely yummy, this is the site to visit. Not only is this recipe perfectly cheesy and loaded with flavor; it’s also authentic. Kelly is from Texas and and if she says this is the best queso out there… then I believe her!