Create a Digital Scrap book For The Fourth's Festivities


Photo Credit: Wendy’s

I have to admit I’ve never been into traditional scrap booking but DIGITAL scrap booking is another story. Most of my family’s captured memories are digital. Saved to a hard drive, to an external, stored in the cloud, etc. Now what to do with all those treasured photos once we’ve seized the day? Wendy’s has a new scrap booking app. It’s as simple as upload, customize and export. Scrap book to your hearts content.
Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Our family will be celebrating throughout the day with family and friends. There will be games, food, fun and fireworks! I plan on capturing all of it with my iphone and my trusty Canon. Then later in the week I’ll sit down open Wendy’s app and create a page that our family can enjoy looking over for years and years to come.

A few tips:

  • Use the camera you have on hand.
  • Don’t worry about getting that perfect shot.

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