Creepy, Crawly Spider Cupcakes!


Spider Cupcakes

How about some cupcakes that crawl right off your plate for Halloween? Ha! They are not real, obviously, but I think they are pretty darn fun. My daughter loved them, I know that for sure. She at both the Reese’s Pieces eyeballs first, followed by the marshmallow and the chocolate frosting. Turns out she doesn’t like black licorice, just like her Mom. They are so simple to put together and would be really fun for a Halloween treat for your little ones. Can you imagine serving up a whole platter for a party – ewwww!!!!

Creepy Crawly Spider Cupcakes

1 batch Crumbs vanilla cupcakes

1 batch chocolate buttercream frosting

Reese’s Pieces


Black licorice string or twizzler’s cut into pieces

1. Bake and frost the cupcakes according to directions.

2. To assemble one cupcake pinch a mini-marshmallow in your hand until it is flat and place it on the cupcake like eyes. Dab the back of two Reese’s Pieces with the frosting and affix those to the top of the mini-marshmallow. Stick the licorice in the side of each cupcake and have it bend over the sides like legs. Enjoy!