Cupcakes a Leprechaun Would Love!


shamrock mini cupcakesAhh, leprechauns. This mysterious creature reappears every year at this time reminding us of mischief, rainbows, and get rich quick schemes. But the mythical leprechaun is more than the poster child for St. Patrick’s Day. Did you know that they’re a kind of fairy, and actually spend most of their time making shoes? Those facts are more commonly known, but few people know that they LOVE cupcakes. Try these great recipes on your little leprechauns and see how fast they go!

Every leprechaun needs a rainbow, and these rainbow cupcakes are sure to lure them and their gold!

Leprechauns also love shamrocks, and these tiny shamrock cupcakes are just the right size for a leprechaun to enjoy.

Looking for more ways to woo a leprechaun? Check out this slide show of tasty green foods. Leprechauns love green.