Dear Santa: A Foodie Gift List


Dear Santa,

My name is Aggie, and I talk to lots of people about food. It’s fun and I enjoy it and could happily do it all day long. The other day, I was on Facebook and I asked my friends what foodie-inspired gifts they would like you to bring them this year. Santa, you should have seen how fast people replied. They couldn’t wait for me to tell you!

From the look of this list, Santa, I’m thinking you might need an extra reindeer or two to help you out this year; this stuff looks heavy. Just think of how happy you’ll make them and all the cooking and baking they can do for all of their family and friends! (Hint: cookies for you!!)

I can’t wait to find out what everyone gets this year, Santa. We always look forward to your visit.

Hope you’re staying warm. Please give Mrs. Claus my love.


PS … I know it’s still kind of early but I wanted to make sure you had plenty of time!

PPS … I’ve attached the list for you below! Thanks Santa! See you soon!

Photo Credits: Amazon, Crate & Barrel, Food Network, Williams-Sonoma

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