DIY Frosted Devils Donettes Snowman


Donut SnowmanOne thing that always strikes me this time of year is how meal time and, well, just about everything, speeds up. There is so little time as we speed to and fro in and out the door to get holiday trees, meet friends for lunch and attend holiday parties. The other day my husband was up really early to get us all motivated and I pulled out a bag of super chocolaty Hostess Frosted Devils Donettes to munch on while we got going for the day. And, you know what, they were good. Really good. My daughter, naturally, played with a few and we ended up stacking like snowmen. Later, when we returned from our early morning sojourn, we actually decorated them to look like a snowman. It was so cute and fun. What quick breakfast treats are you serving up this holiday season?

Frosted Devils Donettes® Snowman

3 Hostess Frosted Devils

White pearl cookie decorations

1 chocolate wafer

1 large marshmallow

Stack the donuts. Decorate the top one with the pearl decorations, making it look like a snowman face. Place the wafer and marshmallow on top!

Many thanks to Hostess for sponsoring this post and for providing me and family with a supply of Donettes. Find out more about Hostess Donettes at their Facebook fan page.

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