Donettes Breakfast Trifle


Some mornings I simply don’t have time to actually “cook” breakfast. But that doesn’t mean we have to settle for something out of the toaster. You can whip up a very quick and easy breakfast trifle that will satisfy both the kids and the parents. Its base is chocolaty Donettes that are topped with yogurt and fresh berries. You could easily swap out the raspberries for blueberries, strawberries or whatever is in season. It’s not only beautiful but delicious and takes literally a minute to put together.

Donettes Breakfast Trifle
What you’ll need:

2 Hostess Devil’s Food Donettes – halved
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
fresh raspberries
fresh mint

What to do:
1. Into a mini trifle dish layer {or the like}: Donette, 1/2 of the yogurt, 2-3 raspberries. Continue with an additional layer. Garnish with more raspberries and a few mint leaves.

Many thanks to Hostess for sponsoring this post and for providing me and my family with a supply of Donettes. Find out more about Hostess Donettes at their Facebook fan page.  Check out more posts in this campaign:


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