Donettes Christmas Reindeer



How adorable are these Christmas Reindeer? Even more amazing, they’re edible. That’s right, they’re made from Hostess Donettes. Not just any Donettes, they’re made with Hostess’ new devil’s food flavor. They’re so easy to make, your kids could even put these together themselves. Of course you’ll want to have extra supplies handy because I’m sure a few of the Donettes will disappear during assembly.

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Donettes Christmas Reindeer
What you’ll need: {makes 1 reindeer}
1 Hostess Devil’s Food Donette
1 red peanut m&m
2 French Dragees
1 mini pretzels

What to do:
1. Gently press the m&m into the center of the Donette for the “nose”

2. Gently press the dragees “eyes” above the “nose”

3. Carefully break the pretzel in half and place it into the Donette forming the “antlers”.

Many thanks to Hostess for sponsoring this post and for providing me and family with a supply of Donettes. Find out more about Hostess Donettes at their Facebook fan page.


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