Donna Hay: The Best Cooking Magazine


I have mentioned Donna Hay before. She is one of Australia’s leading food writers.

And I love everything she does.

Not the least of which is her food magazine with its stunning food photography. Look at that gorgeous cover! Each issue is packed with gorgeous recipes with photographs to match, and virtually every page is a work of art.

This yellow covered issue, though sold out Down Under, is still on newsstands here, so make sure that if you see it, you grab a copy.

Although I would love to have a subscription here in the United States, and have it delivered to me every two months, it is actually more cost effective to buy it on the newsstands. For a year subscription for us Yankees, it costs a whopping $90 for six issues.

Though I’d probably still fork over the cash for it if I had to, I find great joy with the thrill of seeing among the food magazines at Barnes and Noble or Borders, and purchasing it for only $10 an issue.

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