Don't Derail Your Diet: 5 Ways to Eat Healthy at Work


It’s easy for the lure of doughnuts at coffee breaks, fast food at lunch andtempting treats in vending machines to deter your diet at work. Especially whenstressed, bored, or lonely, many of us tend to reach for calorie-laden foodswhile at our desks to cope. Colette Heimowitz, VP of Nutrition & Education, at Atkins Nutritionals offers some tips on how to make your diet work, at work:

Coffee Break Caution: Don’t even consider the sugary soft drinks and candy in the vending machine! To avoid being tempted at break time, eat a filling controlled-carb breakfast before you go to work. A breakfast with sufficient protein and fat not only sets you up for a positive and productive day, it keeps you from experiencing an energy drop and being ravenous by mid-morning.

Lunching In: Have your own company cafeteria?Skip the fried foods, sandwiches and desserts and opt for hot entrees, the salad bar and grill section. Ask to substitute extra veggies for high-carb sidedishes.

Lunching Out: Sometimes fast food is allthat’s available or all you have time for. Your best option at ahamburger restaurant is to order a couple of cheeseburgers (banish the buns)along with a side salad, or to try one of the larger lunch salads. As much asit hurts, pass on the French Fries.

Client Calories: When out with clients insteadof ordering something breaded or fried, order a baked or broiled dish. Pass on pastriesand other sweet desserts; instead, choose berries with a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream. Feel free to skip the booze too, in today’s workenvironment it’s perfectly acceptable!

Late Night Munchies: Workinglate, carbs may be the hardest of all foods to avoid, especially if youweren’t able to plan ahead by packing dinner or an extra snack. As yourworkday stretches out even longer, your level of stress rises as does your desire for something sweet or crunchy. Always have healthy snack alternativeslike almonds or Atkins Advantage bars on hand for these late nights.

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