Don't Let Dunkin Donuts Spoil Your New Year's Resolutions


I’m from Massachusetts and love Dunkin Donuts as much as the next person. In Las Vegas, a 7-11 graces almost every street corner. In Colorado Springs, you find a Walgreens wherever you go, oddly enough. In Massachusetts though, you can find a Dunkin Donuts on practically every street. My favorite is their strawberry frosted donuts. If they have sprinkles on them, all the better.

But nutritionally speaking, Dunkin donuts are not the best thing for us. We all know that. But particularly now, a Boston Cream donut can throw us off our New Year’s resolutions faster than our kids finish their box of Munchkins.

Apparently, Dunkin Donuts has added some healthier menu option, like egg-white only options in their breakfast menu, but even then, how healthy are they? Best to wait for a month or two to try them, when we’ve lost at least some of the weight we were hoping.

If you and your kids are craving donuts, or great breakfast food, why not try these healthier things you can make at home? You may even save some money.

Crust-less Quiche

Huevos Rancheros

Baked Cinnamon and Sugar Donuts