Don't Let School Closings Get You Down: Make Hot Chocolate Snow Cream


Really, don’t let school closings get you down. Have some fun with the kiddos (I hear it is tough with teenagers though). I awoke to my little monkeys tucked into their homemade ‘nest’ (a pile of blankets, pillows and stuffed animals), and after staring at those faces for a few minutes, I scuttled downstairs to start on the Hot Chocolate Snow Cream.

Yes, I said Hot Chocolate Snow Cream, but maybe I should call it No-Longer Hot Chocolate Snow Cream….

Hot Chocolate Snow Cream
1/2 cup whole milk or a mixture of half and half and low-fat milk
3 cups fresh snow

You have two choices: either warm the milk and then add the packet of hot chocolate, or mix them together and heat. Refrigerate until cooled, combine with the snow and mix well. You can then dig in quickly or place the bowl into the freezer until it hardens more.