Doritos Superbowl Commercial 2011, Pug Attack!


Doritos has pulled out all the stops this year with their new Super Bowl commercial, the pug attack 2011. In this cute commercial, the husband of a young couple is teasing the pug with a Doritos chip behind a glass patio door. The commercial shows the beautiful pug in all his glory running towards the man, licking his face, in anticipation of the yummy Doritos. But instead of the poor little pug slamming against the glass door and having his soul crushed by not getting those delicious Doritos, he pounces the door and knocks it over onto the man. The little pug with super strength then lands on top of the man and the door, it’s too hilarious.

There were several other new Doritos commercials from last night, but not any as cute as this one. You can see the rest of the ads here.

You can see the video here:


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