Double Decker Avocado BLTs


avocado blt The advent of spring has me already crafting ways I can cut back on kitchen time — it just feels so wrong to spend time stirring a risotto when I can be having a glass of wine on the patio with the girls before dinner. Hence, the sandwich move. In my opinion, this lunchtime classic qualifies as a dinner one because of the addition of avocado. Plus it has double decker action. Even though two of us have the whole deal (A-BLTs), one of us has the  BT (Abby), and the other has just the standard old BLT (Phoebe) I always find it’s a success.

What you need:

Multigrain toast
mayo, a good smear
tomatoes, sliced
avocado, sliced
a few leaves of Bibb lettuce
parasol (optional)

Assemble as shown.

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