Dress Like a Cow and Get a Free Meal Today at Chick Fil A


Yes you heard right, dress like a cow today, then show up to your neighborhood Chick-fa-la, and you’ll get a free meal. But it has to be head to toe, or should I say ear to hoof, to qualify for a free meal. If you do a partial costume, like say just some cow ears, you’ll still receive a free entree. And don’t forget your little calves. Dressing up the kids head to toe will qualify them for a free meal too, and dressing in a partial costume will still get them a free entree.

And don’t think you have to run to the craft store and spend a ton of money to look like a heifer. Just go to the Chick Fil A Cow Appreciation web site here, and look for the link to the cow costume kit. Just print it out, cut it out with the kids, and attach the cow parts with some string and safety pins.

Here’s a fun video about a Dad going all out with his costume:

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