Easter Bunny Approved Recipes


The Easter Bunny will be coming to visit you sooner than you think. Easter is April the 24th this year. At my home, just like we leave treats for Santa, we also leave treats for the Easter bunny. I always get my son to leave a few carrots out for the Easter bunny. And in return, my son gets a huge Easter basket filled with toy eggs packed full of chocolate treats,  a few other chocolate bunny surprises, and maybe even a small toy car. On Easter, I always make brunch (usually a vegetable filled frittata), and then start on our ham. We always have a ham, potato salad, deviled eggs and several vegetables. I love to make seasonal fun items, like peas and carrots or asparagus for our vegetable.

Here at the Family Kitchen, we have lots of delicious Easter bunny approved recipes to make your Easter perfect. Here is a list of some of our favorites:

Springtime Pea Soup with Mint

Leg of Lamb in the Slow Cooker

Brown Sugar Mustard Glaze for your Easter Ham

Marinated Asparagus

Dilled Potato Salad

Easter Carrot Cake in a Jar

Grasshopper Cookie Cupcakes

Chili Lime Deviled Eggs

Crispy Bunny Treats

Peep S’mores

Chocolate Dipped Peeps on a Stick

Tuxedo Peeps – pictured above

Flower Cupcakes

Peeps In White Chocolate Nests

Chocolate Cream Peeps Pie

Peeps Sunflower Cake

White Chocolate Peep Pops

Easter Lamb Cake

Image: Brooke McLay – Cheeky Kitchen

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