Easter Entertaining: Recipe For Homemade Soft Yeast Rolls


Photo Credit: The Little Kitchen

There’s nothing more comforting than seeing a basket of soft buttery rolls at a dinner table. It just screams “eat me” as far as I’m concerned. A lot of us will be entertaining or simply sharing a meal with family and friends this Easter Sunday and are looking for ideas for foods to add to the feast. If you are not hosting a meal this year, but are invited to someone else’s home, consider bringing a basket of these easy yeast rolls to share at the dinner table.

Don’t be intimidated by baking these rolls. Julie, of The Little Kitchen, demonstrates with detailed photos her step by step process of putting a batch together in just a few easy steps. Even a non-baker, like me, can feel comfortable knowing they will turn out just right. Find Julie’s recipe for Homemade Soft Yeast Rolls along with other delicious family favorites on her food blog The Little Kitchen.


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