Easter Menu Ideas


ham 2 I love ham. Before my Uncle Albert died in 1997, he used to send my family a big ham from the butcher shop he owned in Western Pennsylvania just in time for Easter. The problem is that lately, I can never be sure who else around a holiday table will be as excited about it as I am. I am resisting switching up the menu, because a ham is just so damn easy to make (see recipe below). What’s on the Easter menu for you guys? I want to do a round-up next week so we can all steal each other’s ideas.

Bourbon Glazed Easter Ham, courtesy of GQ Technique columnist Adam Rapoport:

Get some apricot preserves or jam. Scoop out four spoonfuls or so into a small pot. Pour in an equal amount of bourbon or rum. (Good dark rum.) Set on medium heat and stir till it gets all glazy. For the ham, score the outer skin in a diamond pattern. Bake at like 325 or so for an hour in a roasting pan on the lower rack. After an hour, take it out and glaze it with a brush. Bake for another hour, basting/glazing with the drippings every 10-15 minutes.* Take out, let rest, let guests admire it.

*If at any point in the baking process the top of the ham starts to burn, place a sheet of aluminum foil on top.

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