Easy Peasy Donette Breakfast Parfait



I swear, one of my favorite things about donuts is crumbling them up. I love tossing the big chocolatey chunks into things like ice cream or yogurt and eating the whole thing in big spoonfuls. Yesterday I did this with my Hostess Frosted Devils Donettes. I broke up the mini-donuts into smaller pieces and tossed them with some whipped yogurt I had. That is, yogurt that is particularly light and fluffy and perfect for breakfast. I served them up for a little breakfast treat and my whole family ate them right up. It was a fun way to start the day!

Easy Donette Breakfast Parfait

1 cup fluffy yogurt, any flavor (I used vanilla yogurt in this photo)

3 Frosted Devils Donettes

Break up the Donettes into smallish pieces and layer them in a slender glass with dollops of yogurt. Serve with a spoon!


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