Easy Recipes for Your Purim Se'udah


HamantaschenThe annual celebration of Purim continues today, with merrymaking foremost  on everyone’s minds. To celebrate, we’ve got an easygoing Purim Se’udah menu that will leave you more time for fun and festivities. Chag Semeach Purim!

Let’s start with the hamantaschen. I’ve got a simple recipe that can be made in just a few steps. I went with a traditional, not-too-sweet prune filling, and these little cookies are amazing. Get the recipe here. Enjoy!

Now that we’ve got dessert taken care of, let’s move on to dinner.

Kreplach is a traditional beef or chicken soup with triangular dumplings. Here’s a great basic recipe.

Kelly has a terrific recipe for an easy chicken casserole based on her Bubbe’s recipe. For a lighter main course, try Jenny’s hoisin-glazed salmon.

Image: Jenny Rosenstrach

Julie’s sweet potato mash is an excellent, seasonal side.

Finally, how about some challah? Jaime’s festive pumpkin challah will be a great compliment to your holiday meal.

Image: Jaime Mormann Richardson
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