Easy School Night Dinners with Hefty Slider Bags


The end of summer is quickly approaching and so is our fairly laid back vacation schedule. In our area, school begins next week. To plan for this busy time, I’ve been shopping for my son’s school supplies, new clothes and gearing up for the school year. Beginning next week, I’ll be juggling work and school schedules and won’t always have the time or energy to cook in the evenings.

A little advance preparation can go a long way towards helping take the chore out of cooking each night. Doubling recipes and freezing the extra dishes in Hefty Slider Bags can make future dinners a snap. Whether it is homemade meatballs or lasagna or even hearty soups, it’s so easy to just pull a Hefty bag with your home cooked dinner out of the freezer when you need it. And the bags fit inside a full freezer much better than a plastic container.

So when you have the time and feel like cooking, just make a little extra and freeze it for those nights when all you want to do is kick up your feet with a glass of wine! And by the way, those meatballs in the photo are outstanding. Click here for the recipe!

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