Easy Zucchini Fritters with Sweet Basil



Sometimes I just run out of ideas for zucchini during the summer months. When I saw this recipe that transcends zucchini from a tender side dish to a crispy appetizer, I had to try it. And I should have known that my friend Chef Viviane Bauquet Farre would be the one to take zucchini to the next level.


Viviane’s gorgeous website Food and Style is a feast for the eyes. Her photography is mouthwatering and the recipes are always fresh and seasonal. And they are so delicious even meat-lovers will momentarily forget her dishes are all vegetarian. If you’re looking for great cocktail recipes, Viviane truly shines with her fruity and sophisticated creations.

To make these pretty little zucchini fritters, please CLICK HERE to visit Viviane’s original post. Be sure to check out her substitution ideas that feature other fresh vegetables in such a fun and crispy way!

Photo Credit: Chef Viviane Bauquet Farre