Enjoy Seasonal Salads Full of Fresh Flavors


Photo Credit: Wendy’s

During the summer time the last thing a lot of want to do is heat up our kitchens to cook. While there is grilling (which we do a lot of) sometimes you want something light and refreshing. A fresh salad full of fruit fits the bill. If you’ve never tried a salad with fruit I think you might be pleasantly surprised. The seasonal fruits add a touch of sweetness along with pops of juiciness bite after bite. If your children aren’t big fans of salad, this one is a wonderful way to introduce your children to salads as well.

You can pick up this gorgeous Berry Almond Chicken Salad (pictured above) at  participating Wendy’s locations in both entrée and half sizes. How’s this for fresh? “It features fresh, tangy, plump blueberries; fresh California strawberries sliced in”store daily; California almonds roasted with sea salt; shaved Asiago cheese; and a warm grilled chicken breast on a bed of 11 types of freshly chopped field greens. Topping it off is delicious yet fat”free raspberry vinaigrette dressing, including the nutrient”rich juice of the acai berry.”


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