Epic Meal Time: The Egg Sandwich and More!


Have you guys seen the Epic Meal Time YouTube videos? The Canadian group’s new 84-Egg Sandwich episode is currently hitting a viral streak. I was first introduced to the Epic Meal Time group thanks to dear Aimee back when they made the Turbaconepic Thanksgiving episode, right around the time they started to get a lot of play here in InternetLand.

They essentially did a take on the turducken with a whole pig, and then inside said pig was turkey, duck, chicken, cornish hen and quail, all stuffed with bacon croissant stuffing and “meat glue” and, of course, more bacon. It was, well, an Epic Meal Time. Aimee and I were both rendered speechless, and not necessarily in a “Oooh, that looks really good” way, but more of a “PIGS! They did not just do that!” sort of way. Yet they did and continue to.

Since my introduction to the boys, they’ve been producing hits such as Fast Food Sushi and Candy BBQ. Um…
Watch their newest video below!

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