Fat Tuesday 2011: Celebrate Mardi Gras!


Tomorrow, March 8th, 2011 is Fat Tuesday, otherwise known as Mardi Gras. It’s the day that you should imbibe in all things greasy and fried. Traditionally, during Lent you wouldn’t consume dairy or meat products, and so you’d throw a big party using up all the butter and eggs and milk on Fat Tuesday before Lent started on Ash Wednesday. Turn that into a party where you live it up, dance in the streets in mask-clad faces and Mardi Gras is here.

These days, even if people don’t observe the fasting during Lent, many still gather to celebrate in cities with strong French culture ties like New Orleans, Louisiana; Quebec City in Canada; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Sydney, Australia. The party culminates tomorrow. Are you celebrating?

Try these Southern-inspired recipes to celebrate your Mardi Gras New Orleans’ style:

::Pecan Praline
::Brioche King Cake
::Milk Punch
::Bananas Foster
::Crawfish etouffee
::Red Beans and Rice

and don’t forget the pancakes! Crepes and griddle style, check out this complete list of flapjack lovelies!