Fat Tuesday: 3 Skinny Ways to Indulge in the Traditional Flavors of Mardi Gras


It’s Fat Tuesday, but you don’t have to get fat while enjoying a few of the traditional flavors and recipes of the day.  We’ve pulled together three healthy recipes that taste just as good as the originals, without all the Fat Tuesday fat.  Whether you’ve got a mad craving for jambalaya, or need a bite of cinnamon laden King Cake, or have been trying to get the thought of a paczki out of your mind for most of the morning, we’ve got you covered.  No more do you have to deny yourself the excesses of the day.  You can most certainly take part in the party, without waking tomorrow with a serious calorie hang over. 

Lite & Healthy Jambalaya with Brown Rice. No reason you can’t get your Cajun on while you party. Indulge in this flavorful, lower-fat version of the classic dish.

Cinnamon Twists. In a lowfat twist on King Cake, these simple puffed pastry twists are studded with cinnamon sugar and baked until puffy.  A much lighter option that the heavy brioche bread of a traditional King Cake.

 Baked Paczki.  These simple donut muffins taste just like the Polish, jelly-filled donuts that grace many a plate on Fat Tuesday.  The big difference? These one’s aren’t fried.

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