Fermented Fashion: Would You Wear a Wine Dress?


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We’ve all heard of being fashion forward. How far would you go to be fashion forward? Would you be willing to wear clothes made of wine? According to a report on Shine from Yahoo, researchers at the University of Western Australia have discovered a way to turn wine into fashion. How is that possible you ask?

Scientist Gary Cass was inspired to create this fashion forward product after he noticed “a skin-like rubbery layer covering a vat of wine that was contaminated with Acetobacter bacteria (don’t worry–it’s non-hazardous and non-pathogenic).”  Together with artist Donna Franklin they used bacteria to transform the alcohol into a cellulose fabric using molds (as well as the human body). How’s that for futuristic fashion? The result is a material that acts like a second skin and even manages to retain it’s smell and color.

“Since the clothing is made with living microbes, the creators have named the fabric Micro’be’.” 

I’m not sure I’m ready to be so fashion forward, how about you?

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