15 First-Day-Of-School Lunches That'll Keep Your Kid Smiling!


The first day of school can be scary! New faces, new places, trying to make sense of a new routine, in a new classroom, surrounded by new everything. No wonder I remember that first day with an equal mix of anxiety and excitement. As a mama sending four tots back to a totally new school for the second year in a row, I’ve been hunting down fun ways to let the kids know I love them and am with them, even as they navigate a new day far away from the protective warmth of my little wing.

What better way to send your kids off to school that with a boxed lunch that turns the first day of school into a celebration?! These 15 school-themed lunch ideas offer up dozens of adorable ideas for giving your kids an extra boost on the first day. Click through, find your fave, then send your babes off to school with a lunch that tells them they’re cool!

  • Happy First-Day-of-School 1 of 17

    Celebrate the first day of school with these fun themed bento boxes! 

  • Bento Basics 2 of 17

    Never made your kiddo a bento before? Check out these easy peasy tips for building your first bento box, then click through the slideshow to discover a dozen plus ways to build them adorably for the first day of school!

  • Pencil Themed Boxed Lunch 3 of 17

    Steer you child in the "write" direction on the first day of school with this pencil themed lunch!

    Get the recipe from BENTOLOGY

  • ABC Bento Box 4 of 17

    This boxed lunch would be perfect for your little kindergartener's first day of school!

    Get the recipe from SPOONFUL

  • Back To School Bento 5 of 17

    Get your kiddos psyched for their first day by making a super fun lunch!

    Get the recipe from CRAZYMOMMY

  • Bento Bus Lunch 6 of 17

    All the kids at school will be in awe of this cute school bus lunch! 

    Get the recipe from BENTOLICIOUS

  • Pencil Shaped Sandwich 7 of 17

    Tuck this perfect lunch into a cute little box and bring a smile to your child's face!

    Get the recipe from WHISK PAPER SCISSORS

  • First Day Back Sandwich 8 of 17


    Stamp a note on your child's sandwich for a stellar back to school lunch!

    Get the recipe from WHISK PAPER SCISSORS

  • Chalkboard Lunch Box 9 of 17

    This adorable tin is perfect for writing a new lunch note every day!

    Get the recipe from WHISK PAPER SCISSORS

  • First Grader Pencil Lunch 10 of 17

    Pencil sandwiches make great finger food, and a stack of these will keep your little scholar sharp! 

    Get the recipe from LIAN MAMA OBENTO

  • Back To School ABC Bento 11 of 17

    Pumpernickel bread makes a great food blackboard for letter cut-outs!

    Get the recipe from ART IN THE BOX

  • First Day Of School Planetbox 12 of 17

    Your child will feel like a star with this first day lunch!

    Get the recipe from BENTO LUNCH DOT NET

  • Back To School Alphabet Apple Bento 13 of 17

    This lunch is both fun and healthy- a perfect combo!

    Get the recipe from MEET THE DUBIENS

  • Schoolbus Bento 14 of 17

    First day of school lunch will seem so special with this schoolbus bento!

    Get the recipe from MEET THE DUBIENS

  • A Plus Bento 15 of 17

    Remind your child how smart they are with this overachiever lunch!

    Get the recipe from MOMMA SAYS DOT NET

  • ABC 123 Bento 16 of 17

    Give your child some practice letters and numbers at lunch with this crafty bento!

    Get the recipe from KOOKY CULINARY

  • PB&J Ferb Sammies 17 of 17

    This bento sets the stage for a fun lunch to help relieve first day jitters!

    Get the recipe from HAWAII'S BENTO BOX COOKBOOK

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