Flavored Popcorn In A Hefty Slider Bag


We are huge popcorn fans around here and lucky us that our movie theater allows you to bring your own. I know, movie theater popcorn is delish, but when you’ve got to watch your calorie intake and cholesterol movie theater popcorn isn’t the best option. We also like to bring popcorn on picnics too so flavoring it and taking it along in a heady slider bag is perfect.

All you have to do is make plain popcorn any way you prefer (I usually just make it in a pot of the stove), then pour it into a Hefty Slider bag and drizzle with your favorite topping. We chose a heart heathy butter melted and drizzled, but the possibilities are endless.  All you have to do is pour it in and shake it and you are ready to have delicious popcorn on the go!

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