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There are many reasons to be extra careful about what you eat when pregnant. One reason is that toxins tolerated by adults can lead to birth defects in an unborn baby; another is that your immune system is slightly weakened and the fetus highly susceptible to damage caused by common food-borne bacteria. Depending on how much of a believer you are in health-food you can go to greater or lesser lengths, but there are a number of foods that most Doctors will advise pregnant women to stay away from.

Fish like tuna, shark and king mackerel are likely to contain high levels of mercury and are never a good idea in high doses. Raw meat is another definite no-no, so steak tartar and carpaccio is out for the duration. E coli is known to lurk in undercooked hamburger meat, so that’s another food you might want to stay away from. Furthermore, experts say foods containing raw eggs can put you at risk for salmonella and that, sadly, some soft cheeses, especially moldy and unpasteurized ones are out of bounds. The links below contain informative articles detailing the further specifics of what to avoid.

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