Food Find: Panettone


Panettone (pronounced pan-eh-tone-ay) is one of my favorite things about the holidays. It is an Italian bread made with butter, and studded with jewels of candied orange peel and raisins.

Though I believe in kitchen shortcuts, most of the time I resort to making things from scratch since it’s difficult to find packaged food that does not contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, or hydrogenated oil. Most packaged versions of panettone are loaded with those things, so it is something I have considered making from scratch (entirely possible with the the recipe Angie posted last week).

To my sheer delight, however, I learned that Whole Foods sells an imported Panettone they deem worthy to carry in their stores. It is made with real butter and cage free eggs, and is perfectly delicious. You can toast it and slather it with butter and jam, or simply eat it plain. My favorite way to eat it is to bake it as a bread pudding, or fry it up as French toast.

Whole Foods sells this panettone in three sizes: the baby one in the picture, a medium one pound size, and a large (I think it’s two pounds) size. Each are sold in the cute little boxes with a black ribbon at the top, which you can use for hanging it on something (not sure what), or for tying on a ribbon. They make a fantastic gift, and are rich enough that the medium size serves a family of four.

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