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  • Julies Coffee Doughnut Bread Pudding 1 of 10
    Julies Coffee Doughnut Bread Pudding
    While my husband doesn’t have one definitive favorite dish, he can't live without his coffee in the morning — and adores a good doughnut. So we came up with this coffee and doughnut bread pudding — an easy way for him to enjoy the combination in bed on Father’s Day.
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  • Lauras Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers 2 of 10
    Lauras Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
    My husband has an unbridled addiction to jalapenos. He eats them almost every day. This is one of his favorite appetizers during the summer barbecue season or when football parties start up
    in the fall.
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  • Kathys Vegan Jalapeno Poppers 3 of 10
    Kathys Vegan Jalapeno Poppers
    These jalapeno poppers are one of my husband's favorite spicy snacks. He loves that they taste so authentically "cheesy" but are actually vegan! He says this gives him an excuse to eat the entire plate of poppers guilt free! And of course, I let him.
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  • Paulas Ultimate Steak Sandwich 4 of 10
    Paulas Ultimate Steak Sandwich
    My husband loves our ultimate steak sandwich because it combines two of his favorite foods: steaks and sandwiches! We build layers of flavors using rib-eye steak followed with chimichurri sauce and melted cheese. It's perfect for a special Father's Day lunch (or any lunch for that matter).
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  • Angies Jalapeno- and Cheddar-Stuffed Burgers 5 of 10
    Angies Jalapeno- and Cheddar-Stuffed Burgers
    My husband loves burgers, spicy food, and, most of all, beef. To make these burgers extra spicy and special, I add fried jalapenos, which I make by taking jarred jalapeno slices, tossing them in flour, and deep-frying them.
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  • Elizabeths Classic Pulled-Pork Sandwich 6 of 10
    Elizabeths Classic Pulled-Pork Sandwich
    Even though he was an Army kid and moved around as child, my husband’s roots are southern, and so are his favorite foods, such as pulled pork. And what’s not to love? Pulled pork is a cinch to make, and the robust flavors of vinegar and tomato are the perfect match for rich meat.
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  • Shaina’s Buffalo Burgers 7 of 10
    Shaina's Buffalo Burgers
    There is no lack of hot sauce in my husband's diet, so making a meal that combined two of his favorite meals and his love for grilling made perfect sense. Buffalo wings meet backyard burgers for a combination that's perfect for the man in your life.
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  • Brookes Charred Chicken in a Mild Coconut Curry Sauce 8 of 10
    Brookes Charred Chicken in a Mild Coconut Curry Sauce
    When my husband's grandparents retired, they took off for a two-year humanitarian mission in India and returned with a plethora of incredible recipes. This mild chicken curry is a family favorite, adapted ever so slightly from his grandparents’ version. My hubby thinks it tastes great, and I think it cooks up just about as sexy-gorgeous as he is.
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  • Kelseys Chive Parsley Butter-Stuffed Burgers 9 of 10
    Kelseys Chive Parsley Butter-Stuffed Burgers
    My husband loves a good hamburger more than anyone I know. This kind of burger, filled with herbed butter and topped with cheese, is right up his alley. Grilled to perfection it is a meal all by itself.
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