Food for Thought: Thanksgiving Trivia, History & Facts


Now that I have little ones in school, they are learning Thanksgiving Trivia, History & Facts so I thought I would do some research.

While researching, I learned so much and thought I would share a few pieces of food related Thanksgiving Trivia and Thanksgiving History…

*Experts believe the first Thanksgiving dinner was served in 1621 by Pilgrims at Plymouth, Massachusetts while others say the settlers that lived near Virginia’s Jamestown served the first Thanksgiving.

*Apparently 36% of us plan and shop for our Thanksgiving food a week of more ahead of the big day while a few of us (7%) wait until the day before Thanksgiving. I wonder when the other
almost 60% of us shop?

*94% of us are sure to include cranberry sauce as part of our Thanksgiving dinner.

*And finally, according to the US Census Bureau, the per Capita Turkey consumption (with most of it consumed at Thanksgiving time) was:
• Per capita consumption in 2007: 18 lbs
• Per capita consumption in 2002: 14 pounds
• Per capita consumption in 1990: 13.8 lbs.
• Per capita consumption in 1980 8.1 lbs