Food News: 'Pink Slime' Maker Suspends Production in 3 of 4 Plants


Photo Credit: AP, HuffPost Food

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post Food section, Beef Products Inc, the maker of the “lean finely textured beef” nicknamed ‘pink slime’ has suspended operations at 3 of their 4 plants. According to Craig Letch, director of food quality and assurance for Beef Products Inc, the recent public and social media uproar has cost the company a business.

In recent weeks, many major retail grocery chains have changed their policy and have decided to no longer sell the product in their stores. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has decided that school districts may choose to stop using the products. Due to this dramatic decline in demand, Beef Products will suspend operations at plants in Amarillo, Texas; Garden City, Kansas and Waterloo, Iowa. According to the article about 200 employees at each of the three plants will still get full salary and benefits for 60 days during the suspension.

The company has taken some measures to try and positively influence the public’s opinion of it’s product. Although the FDA has always deemed the product to be safe for consumption, critics deem it unappetizing and feel this kind of processing should be labeled so buyers may make an informed choice if they want their beef to contain the filler. The company has taken out full page ads and has launched a new website to tell their side of the story. “We feel like when people can start to understand the truth and reality then our business will come back,” said Letch.

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