Foodaism's Double Down Latke Sandwich


I’ve heard rumblings about this new Double Down Latke Sandwich, the brainchild of Rob Eschman, who writes Foodaism, a food blog on the It is exactly what it sounds like — a sandwich made with crispy potato latkes in place of a bun, in this case with lox and cream cheese, crème fraiche or sour cream as a filling. Not only is it an entertaining conversation piece, but it also happens to be delicious. How could it not be?

Did you watch the video? I especially love the seltzer break and the Happy Meal that comes with a free dreidel.

If you’re looking for good latke recipes, Jennifer has a bunch over here, and so does Stacie. I’m dying to try these apple latkes and a sweet potato version.

If you want Rob’s Double Down recipe, you can get it here. Otherwise, use your favorite latke recipe, and turn it into a sandwich with lox and cream cheese or sour cream, lettuce and tomato… It’s your double down — you be the sandwich artist.

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