Freezing Cookie Dough with Hefty Slider Bags


COokie Dough

Hefty slider bags play a big role in the transportation of food in our house. I am constantly wrapping up baked goods, freezing this and that, and hauling vegetables between my parents house and my house. For example, just today I made a big ball of cookie dough. I am going to use it to eventually bake cookies for Father’s Day, but we are not ready to bake them just yet. Since I made the dough at my parent’s house I am going to freeze it in a ball in my Hefty Slider bag, through it in a cooler and bring it back home with me. Simple as that!

If you are in need of some food transport, here are a few ideas for using your Hefty Slider bags to do the job!:

– Freeze doughs in a sealed Hefty slider bag with all the air forced out of it.

– Use for transporting fresh vegetables and assembling salads fresh on-site.

– Transport cupcake icing in a Hefty slider bag. When you get to the party location snip off the corner and pipe on the icing.

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